Six tips to help with accounting career

The first thing students need to do is follow this link
and buy them a copy of Financial Accounting, 10th Edition. This e-text is good choice to help them get moving in the right direction.

Financial Accounting, 10th Edition, gives you insight into all aspects of accounting. It will serve as a guide to help students through the whole process. The next step is to follow these 6 tips. These tips will help serve students before, during, and after school.

1. Take the CPA exam

Take the CPA exam. Taking this exam is an absolute for anyone looking to get into finance or accounting. Students should not take this test before they are ready. This exam is much harder than it used to be. The CPA exam comes in a computerized format now. Students can choose between the new format and the old way of taking the test. The new format is much harder, but students can take each section at their own pace.

2. Courses

What courses should students study for the exam? This choice is dependent on the student. The Becker Program has a Cd-Rom type of class. Students can slow things up or down when needed. They can skip things they already know. This choice is not advisable for everyone. Some students are better off doing the prep classes for the exam. Students need to do what is comfortable for them. Some learn faster than others. Take a look online and see all the options available before making a choice. Financial Accounting, 10th Edition has some resources available to students too.

3. Direction

Accountants and finances major have one of two roads to take. Some students like numbers and some do not. Students can choose between the client services and the industrial career path. Students who choose the industry route will be working for a company like Coke or something. They will part of an overall team. Students who choose the client services will deal with taxes, auditing, etc.

4. Continued education

Students also need to have a continued education. Go back to school. This is the only way students can set themselves apart from others. Students who go all the way in school will arguably fair better than those who do not.

5. Efficientcy<

Students do not need a Master’s degree, but it is the more efficient way of meeting the required 150 hours.

6. Take the CPA exam

Some students do not go to a big name school. This will work out to their benefit later. Most companies will take someone who has a CPA over school recognition any day. This all depends on the company and what sort of education the student has had.


Some students will find their daily activities on the job are routine. Other students will find their activities are going to vary. Students who choose to a consultant position are going to find their duties may vary with each job. Students who get involved with taxes and the like will have a routine.