Top tips for floral décor- on a budget

florist malvern eastHolding back while planning arrangements such as floral decor regarding an event are quite difficult. It’s easier to go all out. Keeping that in mind we have asked top floral Experts for some tips that will give you an outstanding décor without drenching your savings. Here you go!

Use floral centerpieces instead of bunches

Do you believe in putting fresh flowers in vases and spreading them all over? Sure they look great and pretty to the eyes but they cost way more than they would if you would focus a chunkier center piece with fresh flowers.
That will not only look beautiful but will also cost way less. You have surely heard, “less is more”. Here this holds true for your money too. Spend less for a more elaborate décor. What you need to do is ask yourself how to find a good florist?
An experienced florist will have many useful tips for how you can cut down on your budget and still go ahead with the floral arrangement that you had in mind. When hiring a florist you can also utilize their services of flower delivery. Florist Malvern East will have several such options for you.

Stick to one focal point

Even with centerpieces, it can be quiet tempting to go all out when making floral decorations, but again it is a better idea to just stick to one big centerpiece. It should be elaborate for sure but it should not be overstuffed. Choosing one kind of fresh flower to showcase the entire arrangement is a far better idea than stuffing lots of flowers together giving a haphazard look.

Less is more

Elaborating further on the earlier point, if too many different types of flowers are used, then the floral arrangement is bound to look too busy. It can be quiet overwhelming to the eyes because going over the top with such a display will surely take away from the overall beauty of the flowers. Give your wallet a break—and take a break yourself from picking out lots of flowers. Malvern has several easy on the pocket albeit experienced florists who will always serve you with a smile.

Choose fresh seasonal flowers

Let’s imagine this. You have planned for an elaborate flower arrangement but it’s costing you a leg and an arm. What should you do? Don’t worry I’m not going to suggest that you cut down on the flowers. If you want a grand floral arrangement then be it.

But what I am going to suggest is that in such a scenario it will be best to go for fresh flowers that are in season. Reason being that seasonal flowers are cheaper. Not to add that they will have a longer shelf life. So look for an experienced florist. Malvern is a good place to start! The florist can update you about what’s in season and what’s not.